NGO “Institute of Creative Innovations” (ICI) – it’s the team of creative professionals that united around the idea of development, and not just development, but around creative innovations that make life better. That’s why we have decided to create the future today!

OUR VISIONSOCIETY OF 100% POTENTIAL. It's a society, in which everyone can use their right to self-realization and self-development without discrimination.

OUR MISION promoting of establishment, development, and protection of rights and interests of personality and society through implementing of innovations in all aspects of life.

OUR MOTTOCreate the future today!

7 short facts about us:

  1. Legally, our organization established on 29 September 2015, but an activity of its experts have started long before, on the basis of other organizations. On average, our experts have at least 10 years of experience in public and professional activities in various fields.
  2. In our activity, we are guided by universal principles of democracy, individual freedom, anti-discrimination, human rights and promotion of free speechEspecially important guideline for us – Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
  3. From the legal point of view, we follow by international documents ratified by Ukraine, the applicable national law and the Statute of our NGO.
  4. Our job is a unique mix of best approaches from various fields (such as art, advocacy, and IT), that because we love to create.
  5. By the Joint decision of our team, our NGO received the status “Eco-friendly” (friendly to the environment), because we believe that without this direction of work development of all others can just stop.
  6. We are opened to partnerships and simply friendly interaction, but only on equal conditions and on condition of support of our values.
  7. Especially we have favored IT technologies, that is why more information about us, our projects and activities can be found by using the hashtag #kreativ_team

ICI structure:

Our team has chosen work in clusters format. Today in ICI operates 6 clusters:


We create and implement social projects aimed at achieving our vision - Society of 100% potential. You can view the full list of our projects on the page All projects.

Our projects aimed to:


We cooperate with NGOs (local, regional, national, international), media, authorities, local communities, business and with everyone who supports our views. You can view the full list of our partners on the page  Our partners.


welcome to #kreativ_team